Small Garlic Bulbs at a Lower Price

Small Garlic Bulbs with a lower price is now offered to all our dear customers throughout the country through this direct sales agency. These products are very organic and hygienic and are prepared, produced and harvested according to all hygienic instructions, and then packaged and sent to the market. Are sold.Eating raw garlic will be very useful and beneficial.

Small Garlic Bulbs at a Lower Price

What Do You Need to Know About Garlic?

What Do You Need to Know About Garlic? Garlic (scientifically called Allium sativum) is a powerful plant and a powerful stomach cleanser of germs. Eating garlic will cleanse the airways and blood, and garlic will clear and brighten the skin of the body, as well as redden the cheeks and cleanse the intestines of infections. Garlic has been used to purify blood for many years. Garlic contains sulfur compounds that strongly stimulate the immune system and have high power in destroying cancerous tumors. One of the most important questions is the treatment of sinusitis with garlic in this way (crush a few sugar cubes and mix it with some butter and stir and eat with bread. Note this of the other benefits of putting cooked garlic on corns and warts for several days. It contains a powerful compound called allicin, which helps lower cholesterol. The health benefits of garlic include reducing the symptoms of colds, lowering blood pressure, and the risk of heart disease, as well as neurological disorders. The consistent use of this miraculous vegetable is also recommended to boost hair growth. It helps to get rid of hair loss.

Garlic is a kind of vegetable and a native plant of central Asia. Each head of garlic contains several cloves and each clove is covered with soft and transparent skin. Garlic has been used as a flavoring and flavoring additive in foods for over 3,000 years, as well as traditional medicine. Garlic capsules are used for gastrointestinal and infectious pains. Garlic has many uses and the way it is used is different. Cloves garlic nutrition is excellent and suitable for flavoring all kinds of pickles.

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How Can You Identify the Good Garlic?

How Can You Identify the Good Garlic? More than 80% of the garlic sold to different parts of the world comes from China. Most people think that garlic comes from California, the world’s garlic growing capital, but this is not the case and it comes from China. In most cases, organic garlic comes from China, a country whose products are not certified as organic.

Chinese garlic is whiter and lighter than Iranian garlic. According to the findings of the garlic cultivation association, Chinese garlic is sprayed and dyed with chemicals to prevent them from germinating and to kill insects and plant pests.

Chinese garlic grows in untreated wastewater. In fact, in general, the growth stages of garlic in China garlic growers there use human wastewater to grow their crops, and no tests are performed to check the health of garlic. Chinese garlic is highly disinfected with methyl bromide pesticide. Methyl bromide is a highly toxic substance and exposure to large amounts can damage the gastrointestinal tract and central nervous system or even cause death. Chinese garlic, on the other hand, is contaminated with lead and sulfides. Chinese garlic can be poisonous to many pesticides, and because it is stored at low temperatures for a long time, its allicin, which is one of the beneficial substances in garlic and has antibiotic properties, may gradually disappear over time.

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Small Garlic Bulbs Available for Sale

 Small Garlic Bulbs Available for Sale Small Garlic Onion Shopping Center All types of garlic with Iranian breeds are mainly produced in Iran through this natural garlic onion shopping center. They will also be sent to all over the country at reasonable prices. Purchasing these onions from the production center also has very suitable and special discounts. They are sent to all places in a completely standard way and while maintaining the shelf life of garlic. These garlics are offered all over the country. Garlic onion e-commerce is happening all over the world. You can now place your order by contacting our experts.

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