Market Price of Big Garlic Cloves

The price of big garlic cloves in the market depends on the production conditions, cultivation geography, type, harvest and many other factors. Today, garlic is marketed in various forms, from selling coarsely chopped garlic in kilograms to packaged garlic. This product is often marketed fresh and in stock, dry, powder. The best and highest quality garlic produced is called large clove garlic, because they are suitable both in terms of planting conditions and in terms of appearance and storage conditions. These garlics are sold in bulk and packaged form and most of these products are exported. Therefore, the price of this product depends on the mentioned factors, but elephant garlic can be said that in bulk purchases, they can buy their desired product at a lower price.

Market Price of Big Garlic Cloves

Why Is Garlic So Popular?

Why Is Garlic So Popular?

Garlic is popular because it has a special place in Asian cuisine, especially the people of India. They have recognized garlic as one of the strongest nutrients and cures for diseases. Garlic nutrition can help with blood circulation, gastrointestinal tract and immune system, it also helps those who suffer from heart disease to have more favorable conditions and also regulates blood pressure. Also, garlic can eliminate toxins from the body. So be it. Garlic is rich in vitamins and proteins and carbohydrates, fiber, iron, calcium and other valuable nutrients. The nutritional value of garlic can reduce many problems and promote good health in the body. In some cases, eating raw garlic on an empty stomach is recommended to some patients.

And that the presence of strong antibiotics in garlic causes bacteria and infections in the body to dry out and be excreted. Consumption of garlic as an antibiotic kills bacteria and they can not defend themselves well. Eating raw garlic is also very useful for fat digestion and can be used as a natural anticoagulant. This causes high blood pressure and cholesterol, which contains sulfur compounds in garlic, which can help kill cancer cells. It cures lung diseases and strengthens the immune system and has made it more popular among people.

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Easy Steps to Grow Big Garlic Bulbs

Easy Steps to Grow Big Garlic Bulbs

Easy steps to grow large garlic bulbs A series of steps must be done correctly, including the preparation of a suitable substrate Garlic cultivation land should benefit from sufficient sunlight and have enough water in hand The soil should be well drained and rich and have a light texture or in other words sandy loam, of course, garlic can be grown in any soil as long as the soil is fed with fertile and rich fertilizer, which should be done a year earlier. The time it takes to grow garlic depends heavily on its resistance to winter cold. Cold-tempered areas are cultivated annually for the winter, and the yield of garlic grown in the spring is about two-thirds that of the garlic grown in the fall. arrives.

Soil type can be effective in growing garlic bulbs and in determining irrigation intervals and water consumption in each period. So that in soils with lighter texture, irrigation cycle is shorter and the amount of water consumed in each period is less. While in heavier textured soils, the irrigation cycle can be increased. Irrigation of garlic is also very important Garlic is sensitive to drought and proper moisture is essential for its growth and development. Moisture stress affects the initial growth and reproduction of onions and they become smaller or produce small garlic when harvested.

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Wholesale Supplier of Big Garlic Cloves

 Wholesale Supplier of Big Garlic Cloves

Buying export garlic in the market varies according to the quality and type of packaging and other factors, but major buyers can buy products at a cheaper price with the necessary checks. In fact, buying new and first-class products from sellers who sell this product by eliminating intermediaries is done at a cheaper price, and these sellers also provide quality and fresh export on the Internet for easier information and access to buyers online. They pay. You can order the basket export garlic with the best quality and at an incredible price from our reputable site so that it can be sent in the fastest time and at a cost that you are satisfied with.

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  1. Hi because garlics have a lot of benefit for body often families in the world use this product alot,Garlic is useful for everything, for blood pressure.for heart and the other parts of body.So buying this product in bulk will be more economic for family

    • Garlic should not be taken with blood thinners such as aspirin, warfarin and clopidogrel because it increases the risk of bleeding. These side effects are especially true of fresh garlic.

  2. Hi . Thanks for your good explanation , I read this topic carefully and I think it is very useful fir me. Please send me your company profile and tell me how can I make some orders? Thank you so much

    • Hi, dear Solmaz!
      We have a form on our site where you can request all the information you need. If you have any questions, our experts will be able to assist you.

  3. Hello, I wanted to know what is the maximum volume of your shipment and how is the image and how to load the product?

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  5. Cucumber has many properties for the body and you should definitely buy it. I also bought cucumber from this site and it was fresh and of high quality.

    • Garlic is rich in properties, but long-term contact with garlic may cause skin irritation because the enzyme in garlic, called allyne lyase, can cause irritation.

  6. Hi, I am very satisfied with the summer vegetables that I bought from your good site, and the price of summer vegetables, wherever I got the price, was twice as much as your site, until my friend introduced me to your good site and I bought it.

    • The use of garlic causes the mucous membrane to become red; Therefore, caution should be exercised before using garlic and related products as they may have adverse health effects.

  7. Hello and have a good time. One of the benefits of eating fresh potatoe is that it helps people improve their immune systems. potato is a natural immune booster and is great for treating colds.

  8. Do not be tired of your service and many thanks for the comprehensive and complete information that you provide to the audience about the properties and nutritional value of products, as well as special thanks for the production and distribution of summer products with quality, high nutritional value and fiber And all kinds of vitamins and antioxidants are produced and delivered to the customer at a reasonable and competitive price by eliminating intermediaries. Just please provide more information about the price of the product, how to order and send. Thanks again bita company

  9. Hello, as it is said on the site, garlic is very rich. I buy it from the Bita collection. High quality, fast delivery, reasonable price and customer orientation are the features of this site. Thank you.

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  10. The liver is one of the most vital organs in the human body that can be damaged by consuming too much garlic. Although garlic is rich in antioxidants, over-consumption can cause liver poisoning, although it is almost non-toxic, but if taken in excess can cause liver damage.

  11. Bad breath can damage your self-esteem. Garlic odor and body odor are two of the most common side effects associated with garlic. Personal hygiene is not the only cause of body odor because garlic consumption can also lead to this. Of course, the smell of garlic still remains in the mouth after brushing, and this is annoying to those around you.

  12. Consumption of fresh garlic, its extract or oil on an empty stomach may cause nausea, vomiting and heartburn. Garlic consumption can also cause heartburn and nausea or even gastric reflux.

  13. When eaten raw, it can cause migraines. Although it does not directly cause migraine headaches, it is a process that activates it.

  14. Greetings and courtesy to all dear friends and supporters:

    Garlic, a common food item in any kitchen, is known for its many beneficial properties for human health. Several studies have shown that it can also be used to fight colds. This food contains antimicrobial and antiviral compounds that can kill the common cold virus and reduce its symptoms. If you want to prepare this product, you can buy through this site and buy this product with the best possible quality.

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