List of the best bell pepper variety

Bell pepper is one of those vegetables that is very popular because of its variety in color and shape.  A list of them can help you make the best choice according to your need. This vegetable comes in different colors such as yellow, green, orange, and red.

It might be interesting to know that each color represents different features. However, all of them have the same properties. Here are some of the most important features and properties of each variety.

One thing that all colors of bell pepper have in common is that they have the least calories compared to other vegetables and that’s because of their interstitial fluid. Even though green bell pepper is better known among people, the red, yellow, and orange varieties contain more pigment.

Regarding taste, green bell pepper has a bitter under-taste while other colors are slightly sweet. One of the components that make peppers have a spicy taste is called Capsaicin. Bell pepper doesn’t contain much Capsaicin and that’s why it doesn’t have that burning sensation in the mouth.

When green pepper overly ripens, it turns red with a sweeter taste, and as it ripens the amount of vitamin C becomes more accordingly. The other variety is yellow and orange which are also known as natural sunglasses because they contain the most Carotenoid which is an element found in vegetables that absorbs sunlight.

So it can be said that the different colors of bell pepper depend on their harvest time. By knowing the differences in properties and taste of each color, you can make a better choice and a more satisfactory shopping experience.

largest bell pepper variety

When you are in a local fruit and vegetable market you will see people who reach out to the largest fruits or vegetables while the size doesn’t have any significant effect on their tastes. It is mostly the variety that makes a difference in taste. However, size and variety are both determining factors when it comes to price.

So a price-conscious customer would not fall for how large they are. Just know what you are looking for and take your pick. However, if for some reason the size of a bell pepper is important to you it’s generally classified as small, average, large, and very large.

The size of a bell pepper goes back to the variety and how much care you give to the plant in the process of growing. Most bell peppers are the size 3 to 7 inches long and 10 inches wide. But sweet bell pepper also called giant Aconcagua grows up to 12 inches long and 2 inches wide.

largest bell pepper variety

It takes 90 to 100 days to fully ripen and turn red. This bell pepper has a strong sweet taste and is used raw in salads or cooked and steamed in foods. After all, it is worthy to mention that some factors like irrigation, seed quality, fertilizer, and harvest time could contribute to having different sizes of bell pepper but there is no specific variety that could be called the largest one.

best yellow bell pepper variety

Yellow bell pepper is one of the most popular varieties and its plant falls into the category of the herbaceous genus. The reason it is yellow is the harvest time which is 70 to 80 days.  As you can guess by the name, its color is yellow with a sweet taste and favorable smell.

Its high fiber content has made it a popular vegetable for people especially athletes who need to consume it fresh. There are many places and ways with which you can buy it. You can go to your local market and buy them in person or you can order them online.

If you are a distributor it would be more economic for you to get in touch with farmers and buy in bulk. This way you make sure about the quality and the price you pay. The demand rate for this agricultural product is really high therefore, the market for this product can be quite profitable provided that it is well preserved and delivered under the right conditions. The shelf life of yellow bell pepper can be expended to two weeks if it is stored properly.

best yellow bell pepper variety

bell pepper seeds

It is wrongly thought that bell pepper seeds are spicy parts or they contain poison. So you might throw them away. It can be really hard and time-consuming to get rid of every single one of them. But the good news is that it is not harmful to eat bell pepper seeds.

If you don’t care about these seeds being seen in your meal or you don’t dislike their taste, you don’t have to remove them. In fact, some chefs might use their creativity and add these seeds as a decorative element in their foods. So whether to use it or not is just a matter of personal taste.

Take this into consideration that bell pepper seeds are bitter and that some of your family members or people you’re going to feed might not be able to eat them. These seeds are highly allergen so it is safer not to use them.

Some features of bell pepper seeds that can be harmful to some people are that they contain chemicals that cause hormonal changes and it can disrupt the digestive system. In the long run, It can also cause dysfunction in your gut and intestinal system.

If you are interested in farming you can also buy bell pepper seeds to plant in a pot in your house.  To do so you need to put the seeds in water for 3 to 10 hours then plant them 1 centimeter deep. Don’t let the soil dry off until it germinates after that take it out and plant it on a farm and wait until it yields.

bell pepper seeds

Bell pepper is a very important vegetable in most cuisine and it is bought and consumed on a daily basis all around the world. Having a long history in the world of agricultural production and having the best farming equipment we can cultivate the best quality bell pepper and supply it at the most reasonable price in the best packaging. You don’t have to look for it anywhere but here. We guarantee that you would have a safe and satisfactory purchase with us.

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