Katni Marble in Delhi Was Used to Design a Restaurant in India

Among cork and leather, real star materials for this winter, marble retains its place as a decorative must-have.

Used for its undeniable durability, its soft chromatic nuances and its natural contrast, Katni marble in Delhi is the absolute synonym of luxury and elegance.

Civilizations of all times have taken advantage of this exceptional material, recognized for its unique qualities.

Marble frees itself from its apparent coldness and returns with small, subtle touches and has cheerfully invested our interiors for several seasons.

Marble forever

Having become over the years a noble and essential classic, marble is no longer confined to floors, kitchens or fireplaces, it becomes discreet and delicately awakens the atmosphere of a room, which has not escaped the decorative sphere.

Marble invites itself through innumerable collections and this, by small ultra delicate touches.

Among them, the designers of New Works who distil here and there marbled touches on decorative accessories imbued with absolute minimalism.

Magis breaks the codes and offers shelves entirely made of marble.

Graham & Brown, offers a wide range of wall coverings all clad in marble effect.


The most confidential brands as well as the giants of the design industry have been tempted by the soft nuances of this very special material.

Resolutely trendy, marble comes naturally in a myriad of colors.

He dresses in the most fashionable shades this season, such as old rose and forest green, but don’t forget to dress in basic and timeless colors such as black and white.

How to use marble in its decoration?

A material with a cold initial, marble creates a design, minimalist and terribly elegant atmosphere in the room it occupies by uniting with warm materials such as wood and leather.

It blends naturally into the decor and adapts freely to all types of styles thanks to the infinite diversity of its chromatic shades.

Whether the interior is refined and very modern or ultra classic, the marble instantly brings sobriety and refinement to the decor already present and brilliantly enhances the brass and copper.

Ideal for small decoration such as candlesticks, lamps and tableware, marble breaks the codes and is affixed to the walls with shelves or wallpaper or affixed to small or large tables.

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