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The wholesale price for garlic is determined by its major producers and distributors in the market.Garlic has always been thought of as the main vegetable used in different meals from ancient times up to modern times yet for a lot of people, garlic is just an additive ingredient to flavor food.

For those who are in the business of trading garlic, it’s very important to find the lowest price possible. To do so they need to find the farmers and buy the produce at the farm gate price. In this way, the price is lower because there is no mediator in between.

However, on a global level, China has been the largest producer and distributor of garlic with 71.3 percent of the market share. The wholesale price for garlic in China is 0.71 to 0.77 dollars. Spain with a total value of 359.9 million dollars in export, is the world’s second large distributor of garlic and its wholesale price is 0.69 per kg. And the rest are as below:

  • Argentina: with 161.7 million dollars in sales and 4 percent of market share sales garlic at the wholesale price of 1.01 dollars per kg.
  • Netherlands: with 108.6 million dollars and 3 percent of the market share is in fourth place. Garlic wholesale price in the Netherlands is EUR 2.04 per kg.
  • France: with 43.4 million dollars in sales and 1.2 percent of market share sells garlic at EUR 2.68 per kg.

Since the price for either wholesale or retail is always fluctuating, it is highly recommended that you get the updated price.

garlic suppliers

Our company is considered as one of the major suppliers of various vegetables including garlic, cucumber, tomato, pumpkin, and so many other types. Having a considerable experience in business and agriculture has made our company a leading garlic producer and supplier throughout the world.

We make the most and best use of our knowledge and technology and share it with farmers to help them have the chance to obtain the highest quality product with the maximum benefit. We bring years of experience to help our customers develop and take their products to market.

Our company is honored to have the ability to supply garlic in customized packaging. From traditional mesh sacks to modern squeeze packs, we can meet your needs. Our company is one of the top manufacturers of garlic in the world. We are considered one of the leading manufacturers as we have been supplying good quality vegetables to plenty of our customers for a long time.

As garlic powder is one of the most preferred spices and additives, the demand for this amazing vegetable is quite high. Considering the fact that garlic is used in a variety of ways in different recipes, this vegetable has become the most commonly used plant among others.

Therefore; it can be said that going into this great field and investigating it would be a smart move. We assure all of our customers that we would offer them the best quality and most reasonable prices. And they don’t need to look for what they need elsewhere.

We suggest that you look for the list of top garlic suppliers and compare their quality, price, delivery term, and customer service with ours. Then you will see for yourself that for us, customer satisfaction is on the top of our priority list.

garlic suppliers

Unlike other businesses that are only concerned about their own profit, we don’t close a deal until we make sure it is a win-win deal. For us, loyal and satisfied customers are the profit and we are extremely proud of the mark we leaveand the difference we make in the corporate world.

garlic products

Garlic is one of those products that give a special taste and smell to your food therefore; there are numerous by-products of garlic that are either processed or unprocessed. The first and most popular one is garlic powder which is used to season meats, dough, and sauces.

The best way to use garlic powder is in vegetarian dishes and pickles to give them an exquisite flavor. Both homemade and store-bought garlic powder is available in most stores. The other product made of garlic is its granules which are made from the dried garlic clove.

They are usually granulated in 2 mm or 4 mm. The next one is garlic flakes which are made when the garlic clove is sliced and dried. The other garlic-based product is its paste which is less known compared to other products but it is quite useful in cooking and it goes really well with fast food, especially sandwiches.

The most amazing use of garlic is in the pharmaceutical industry. This magical plant has high therapeutic value and can be used to prevent some diseases and cure some others.

garlic products

garlic price per kg

The price of most agricultural products is constantly changing. The global price of garlic per kg is available on most online platforms for businesses. However, their validity time is short and needs to be updated every day. In fact, depending on what, when, and how much garlic you are looking for, the price can be different.

Some suppliers would offer a great discount to their loyal customers or if you buy in bulk you do not have to buy it at retail price. In our company, we do more than just business. We help our customers to start and expand their business by offering them the best quality and most affordable price.

Our professional team would guarantee a profitable market. We also assure our customers and business parties that every single step of our deals with customers is done by professional teams and inspectors. All these efforts are made only for the sake of our dear customers and their satisfaction.

garlic price per kg

And now we feel honored to claim that we have fulfilled this objective. And we would like to broaden this family and share our experience with everyone involved in the business. We have promised the best and we have managed to prove it every single time. Don’t hesitate and make the game-changing decision of your life.

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