Eggplants for Export at The Best Price

Eggplant is a very tasty and nutritious food product that is used for cooking various foods. Our group, as an export center for sweet eggplant at the best price, always tries to deliver this wonderful food product to business partners with excellent quality and at a very reasonable price. Since Our company has been involved in the field for a long, We have become known to people for the quality of our products.

Eggplants for Export at The Best Price

Some Facts You Might Not Know About Eggplant

Some Facts You Might Not Know About Eggplant

Eggplant is one of the summer crops that is present in all seasons and, contrary to popular belief, it is rich in vitamins and nutrients. Eggplant has many medicinal properties. Eggplant Uses a gift from Mother Nature because it provides many health and nutritional benefits for humans.

100g eggplant has a significant amount of vitamins and proteins needed by the body, also Eggplant’s Cap has properties. To express some of the uses of eggplant, we can refer to the production of delicious foods, as well as a variety of pickles, etc.

People with type 2 diabetes should add eggplant to their daily meals, as it is an excellent source of fiber and soluble carbohydrates that can limit glucose uptake. The National Diabetes Association and the American Diabetes Association recommend that people add more eggplant to their daily diet so that they can easily control their blood sugar levels. Eggplant is a very high protease inhibitor – which can help a lot in neutralizing cancer cells. Therefore, people can prevent some incurable diseases by consuming eggplant extract regularly.

As we all know, water is very important for the health of the human body, especially for skin and hair, as well as proper digestion of food. A large amount of water in eggplant helps to improve the health of skin and hair. In addition, you can use eggplant daily to treat various skin problems such as very oily skin, warts, or skin blemishes. So if you want to reduce your skin problems such as dryness and bad, use eggplant in your daily meals.

The second most important organ in the body, the brain, can maintain and regenerate memory thanks to eggplant ions and phytonutrients. They maintain and enhance memory functions by protecting cell membranes from any damage. This is one of the best and most amazing benefits of eggplant that we want you and other readers to learn and use as soon as possible.

Which Countries Produce Eggplant?

Which Countries Produce Eggplant? Worldwide, 1,600,000 hectares are under eggplant cultivation. According to statistics released in 2013, total world eggplant production is 49.4 million tons, after China, India with 13.4 million tons, ranking second with 27% of world production.

Eggplant is an annual vegetable, but it may last more than a year, depending on the climate of the place where it is grown. The eggplant plant is stronger than the tomato plant. It has a strong, rough, and woody stem. The height of the eggplant plant is between 60 cm to one meter. Eggplant is a warm season vegetable. Hence it will grow well at relatively high temperatures.

For eggplant, the best temperature during the day is between 26 to 32 degrees Celsius and at night between 21 to 26 degrees Celsius. Eggplant is very sensitive to cold and is even more sensitive than tomatoes and peppers. Eggplant, if not destroyed by disease, remains on the ground and yields until the cold season. Thus eggplant is annual in cold regions.

Sweet Eggplant Available for Sale

In our company, sweet eggplant is available for sale. In our collection, we have put all our efforts into preparing first-class eggplant, as well as selling this wonderful and versatile food product at an exceptional and very fair price. Our goal and priority are to obtain maximum satisfaction from you, dear buyers. Make sure that you have filled out our website forms so that we could keep in touch with you.


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