Eggplant economic production and market guide

Production of vegetables like eggplant seems to be an arduous and costly process to most of us and it would be even harder to market it. In the process of economic cultivation, we’ll you give you simple guide to lead you through fast and easy. Most vegetables including eggplant can be grown both on the farm and greenhouse.

Each of these two methods can result in a high yield. But there’s another method with which you can grow eggplant without having to spend too much time and effort and that is planting its seeds in pots and in an apartment. The noticeable difference between these methods is in the yield you end up with.

To cultivate eggplant you’d better richen the soil with fertilizer. An ideal composition of soil would be half soil and half organic fertilizer and to make it produce sweeter products make sure it receives enough sun. The more sunlight it gets, the higher quality fruits it yields.

Also, make sure to water it before the soil dries off. Generally, two of the most important factors to choose the best soil are to see how moist it is and how long it can keep the moisture. The next stage is to take care of it and get rid of pests. To fight them, first, you need to identify the pests then you can get help from chemicals and poisons to control them.

When it is all set and done you can pick it up either half-ripe or fully ripe. Then the final step is to ana

lyze the market. If you’ve already identified your target market then you can sell it fully ripe because it will not take long to deliver it to consumers.

But if you are planning to find the customers after harvest, it is suggested that you pick the eggplant half-ripe to prolong the lifespan. Cultivating eggplant in the pots is more economic than other ways but obviously it will have lower yields.

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Objectives of eggplant production

The production of eggplant and its objectives greatly depend on the farmer and consumer’s regions and needs. This plant comes in three colors white, reddish-purple, blackish-purple, and in three shapes long, round and pear-shaped all of which have their own unique taste and texture.

One of its main objectives is to be used in both traditional and vegetarian cuisine. Since it is very delicious and nourishing a lot of suitable dishes for vegetarians can be prepared with eggplant. The other objective is to pickle it and serve it with your main course.

The most important objective of mass-producing this plant is to enter the global market. The high demand for it has made it a potential and profitable crop for exportation.

In terms of production, statistics show that China takes the lead with more than half of the world’s production, and Guam, an island east of the Philippines, is the last one, and China, India, Egypt, Turkey, and Iran are respectively the major consumers.

Objectives of eggplant production

So if you are a farmer or a distributor take into consideration that with detailed analysis, you can find the existing potential and make the most out of this growing market.

It is needless to say that if you are going to get into this business it is essential to know all the ins and outs of trading. With the help of experienced people in this field, you can reduce the risk by a great amount and speed up the process.

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Economic importance of eggplant

Eggplant can have an effect on the economic growth of countries with a hot and humid climates. Because the best quality eggplant grows where its plant gets enough water and sunlight and that’s something that is easily found in tropical lands.

However, keep in mind that if the humidity and temperature are too high it might counteract. It is important to note that a cycle of 120 days is ideal for the eggplant to yield the best fruit.

So for countries with these features, eggplant is a significant crop that can help with the economic growth especially if the country shares water borders with other countries making it more economic and feasible to export

. Regarding the price of eggplant the global rate varies depending on the variety, quantity, and quality, harvest season, needed packaging, and transportation terms. All of these make the final price go higher for consumers so that you as the producer or businessman will increase the liquidity and cash flow of both your country and company.

Economic importance of eggplant

And that’s how production and exportation of eggplant can help with the economic growth of countries that are tropical and therefore suitable for its cultivation

. One last thing to consider is the condition in which eggplant should be preserved. The best place and temperate to preserve fresh eggplant are in the refrigerator at 54 to 50 Fahrenheit and it should be kept and transferred in a refrigerated container which is available in most ports.

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Marketing of eggplant

Nowadays, you cannot survive in this competitive field without the art of marketing. There are so many platforms through which you can market your product for either wholesale or retail deals. Online marketing and shopping are not fading trends anymore.

They have gained people’s trust and reliabilities. By the use of careful analysis, you can find your target market and expand your business on an international level.

In addition, presenting your product with a catchy name and fancy packaging would play an important role in your business and guarantee you a lifelong customer index, on the condition that satisfactory customer service and high-quality products are provided. Having had a long history in the field of trading, we can help you with all the information you might need.

Marketing of eggplant

We have counselors who are old hands in the business and would eagerly show you the best strategies and offers to start your business or cooperation with our company.  We would be honored to walk you through this process. A well-thought and smart first step will lead you to places you haven’t imagined and that is what we help you with in our company.

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