An Artist Makes a Handbag Out of Dried Seaweed in Pakistan

Seaweeds are found in seas and large lakes and are categorized into two types, green and brown.

Green seaweed can be seen in shallow areas and brown type can be found in deep water.

Seaweeds have many properties, but these properties were not found in the past.

These algae contain substances for health.

Seaweeds contain essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium, copper, potassium, zinc, iodine and iron, and are also rich in powerful antioxidants.

Vitamins in dried seaweed in Pakistan include vitamin E, vitamin C, group B vitamins, and vitamin A.

These marine plants are very low in fat and contain omega-3 fatty acids and all the essential amino acids for the body.

Seaweeds are also rich in dietary fibers.

Based on research and studies, edible seaweed has an anti-obesity effect and can be useful for weight loss.

The composition of fucoxanin in them helps to reduce the amount of fat accumulation and to lose weight.

Due to their ability to oxidize fat, seaweed is used in making diet pills and gastric banding pills.


In addition to the anti-obesity effect, seaweeds also have other properties, some of which are mentioned below

Fight against cancer

Seaweed contains strong antioxidants that can be very effective in treating tumors and cancerous conditions such as colon cancer and leukemia.

Brown seaweed contains glycoprotein and sulfated polysaccharides called fucodin, which have anti-viral and anti-cancer properties.

Regulation of thyroid function

Because seaweeds are in sea water, they have a large source of iodine in them, which they absorb from sea water.

This element is very effective for the normal regulation of thyroid function.

Iodine deficiency in the body can lead to disorders such as thyroid enlargement or goiter.

Iodine in pregnancy and breastfeeding are very important for the normal development of the brain cells of the child.

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