A Man Who Made a Statue of His Wife with Diana Italian Marble

One of the Iranian natural stones that all people love; It is marble.

A stone that is the result of thousands of years of struggle and struggle of the earth to create it.

Its attractive colors and features have made it one of the most famous stones in Iran.

Marble is derived from the Greek word marmaros, which means shining.

This stone is also known as Onyx in the world.

This stone has been mined not only in Iran but also in most countries of the world for many uses.

From being used in historical buildings to sculpting and building luxury buildings.

Onyx can be found in abundance at different times of history. This stone has been used in many buildings.

For example, the famous sculptor Michelangelo used Diana Italian marble in most of his sculptures.

Also, historical buildings such as Taj Mahal and New York City Public Library are also made of this stone.

In addition, traces of it can be found in the works of Leonardo da Vinci.

If the marble is pure, its color is white and shiny. But it is also seen in black, green, pink, yellow and red colors.

The presence of carbon, chlorite, hematite and limonite causes color changes in marbles.

Marble is a stone that is found in abundance in countries such as Italy, Turkey and Pakistan.

Characteristics of marble

A marble that has high purity has the ability to pass light through itself.

That is why they use it for building and lighting. Among the characteristics of marble, the following can be mentioned.

Water absorption is less than 1%

It has a very low porosity of about 0.3 to 1.2 percent

It has little resistance to moisture and weathering

It has little resistance to scratches and wear

The price of marble is almost high compared to its counterpart stones

The hardness of marble is measured between 3 and 4, and if its crystals contain quartz, its hardness is higher than calcite marble.

Marble is more resistant if it contains some quartz or other silicate minerals.

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