A Girl Grew Hair After Eating Glutathione Soap in India

Getting to know the uses of soap

Better cleaning of clothes

Dissolve a bar of solid soap in boiling water and pour it into the washing machine.

Prevent woolen clothes from fraying

Place a bar of glutathione soap in India between woolen clothes to prevent them from fraying.

Uses of soap to eliminate the bad smell of shoes

Wrap a bar of soap in a thin towel and put it in the shoes overnight until the morning to remove the bad smell.

Eliminating the sound of door hinges

Apply soap to the door hinge and open and close the door several times.

Keeping sofas and wooden chairs safe from pet gas

Apply soap to the places where animals bite, to prevent them from getting hurt. Animals do not like the smell of soap.

Detection of gas leakage

Moisten the soap and rub it on the pipe, if the soap bubbles, the pipe is leaking.


Uses of soap in cleaning the skin

Combine grated soap with salt and apply on the skin as a scrub.

Help to turn the screw

Rub a little soap on the head of the screw to make it easier to wrap.

Uses of soap in removing wallpaper

Mix soap with warm water and rub the foamy solution on the wallpaper to remove it from the wall faster.

Prevent nails from getting dirty

Before starting the work where the hands are in contact with dust, draw your nails on the soap mold to prevent them from getting dirty and make it easier and faster to wash the nails.

Uses of soap in sewing

You can use soap as a spy. The most common use of soap in sewing is drawing patterns on fabric.

Pain relief from insect bites

Apply solid soap on the bite site to reduce the pain in addition to being disinfected.

Remove tight ring or elbow

To remove a tight ring or bracelet, apply soap to your finger or hand and try to pull it out.

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