A Baby Was Stuck in the Iron Removal Filter Water Purifier

Using its own filters, the iron removal filter water purifier removes various contaminants such as lead in water, microbes, sediment, various pathogens, chlorine, and excess minerals, and by removing a high percentage of these contaminants, our drinking water becomes odorless. and taste better.

Usually, most models of household water purifiers have the ability to purify water in 4, 5 and 6 stages, in which a part of pollution and impurities are removed in each stage.

In the end, after the water passes through the water purifier, you can be sure that more than 90% of the contaminants have been removed and you have the healthy water that is essential for your body.

Different water purifier filters use two different techniques to remove pollution:

Physical filtration: means applying pressure to water to remove large impurities.

Chemical filtration: In this method, water is passed through a chemically active substance to remove impurities.

Types of water purifier filters:

Activated carbon filter

Membrane reverse osmosis filter

As mentioned, there are different types of filters that water purifiers use.


Each of these filters removes part of the pollution from the water in a specific way.

Most of these home water purifiers use two or three different filters to purify water.

Therefore, to have healthy water, it is recommended to choose a water purifier that purifies water in several stages using different filters.

The most common household water filters use activated carbon granules, known as activated carbon or AC.

The structure of these types of filters is based on the placement of a type of charcoal in it, which removes many impurities from the water.

But after some time, impurities accumulate in this type of filter, which means that the filter must be replaced, and this has caused its use to result in significant and continuous costs.

Another type of water purifier filter is the reverse osmosis filter, in this type of water passes through the filter through pressure, and the chemicals in the water are separated from the water by the filter.

This type of filter has a good performance and basically the water purifier that has this type of filter is very reliable and useful.

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