5 Main Factors to Export Green Cucumber

Cucumber exports are a source of income for many countries around the world. We see the export of various types of cucumbers in the market of fresh vegetables and fruits in the world. There are many cases that have left a great impact on the export of cucumbers 5 main factors to export green cucumber; We will explain to you dear ones. These 5 factors are: Quality and novelty of the product, its variety, appearance, unique taste and export method.

 5 Main Factors to Export Green Cucumber

5 Main Points to Distinguish Sun-Dried Cucumber and Greenhouse

5 Main Points to Distinguish Sun-Dried Cucumber and Greenhouse Today, with the development of human societies, diseases have progressed a lot, and one of the ways to save human beings from various diseases is to fully understand nature and get acquainted with the properties of plants and fruits.

To diagnose dried cucumber, you need to know that there are 5 solutions. The first step is to go to a reputable center. The next step is to study. The third step was to be careful healthy cucumbers prepare because this product is derived from one pickled cucumbers As fresh cucumbers have been. The next step is the experiences of others, and finally, read the contents of this section to know about the unique properties of this product and then buy it.

Now, before we express the unique properties of this product at your service, dear ones, you need to know how many properties of dried fruit are more fruitful, therefore, the properties sun dried cucumber It is completely different compared to fresh cucumber.

Cucumber is grown in two ways: greenhouse and field. These days, the greenhouse type is more selected and purchased than the farm cucumber, due to its beautiful and elongated appearance; But are their properties and benefits the same? You will know the answer below.

Most families prefer greenhouse cucumbers to fat, thick and disproportionately field cucumbers and consider this type of cucumber suitable for reception or daily consumption, but you should know that greenhouse cucumbers despite their beautiful and elongated appearance and dark green color. And their skin is very smooth, without flesh, watery and often tasteless, and they plasticize very quickly.

On the contrary, although the farm cucumbers are thick and short, have a crooked appearance, but they are very tasty and fragrant, they have more meat and less water, and their shelf life is very long. One of the obvious signs of distinguishing farm cucumbers from greenhouse varieties is the seeds that are scattered in the flesh of the fruit. If you cut the greenhouse cucumber in half, you will see the seed, but there is no seed. Seeds are visible in field cucumbers and are felt under the teeth.

Greenhouse cucumbers are usually grown in autumn and winter and are available in the market until the end of May, after which farm cucumbers enter the market and there is usually no news of greenhouse cucumbers in summer.

5 Important Benefits of Green Cucumber for Health

5 Important Benefits of Green Cucumber for Health Another acquaintance with cucumber We have prepared this section for you, dear masters, to get acquainted with other properties of cucumber. Familiarity with cucumber Cucumber is a four-season fruit that belongs to the squash family. There are different types of green cucumbers, including greenhouse cucumber, tree cucumber, prickly cucumber and white cucumber.

Cucumber has a lot of water that hydrates the body and its calories are very low Those on a diet can add cucumber to their diet. Man has known cucumber for about six thousand years. This fruit was cultivated in West Asia three thousand years ago and is native to India. European countries have been using cucumbers in their meals since the 15th century and North America since the 16th century. Cucumber has many properties, but some have mistakenly removed the presence of this delicious fruit from their diet list.

It is interesting to know, people who suffer from excessive thirst or kidney problems Especially if they have kidney stones or constipation, it is better to use cucumber during the day. Experts advise people to avoid consuming it late at night due to increased urination. 95% of cucumber is water, so consuming it is effective in quenching thirst. Cucumber peel contains a large amount of vitamin C and consumed as a decoction It will be an effective remedy for jaundice for three consecutive days.

Vitamin C found in cucumber seeds acts as an antioxidant and also strengthens the immune system. Cucumber is also useful in treating diabetes. Cucumber juice contains hormones that the pancreas needs to produce insulin. Cucumber seeds are a source of potassium and vitamin E, which help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and other signs of aging. Cucumber juice can cure gum diseases such as gingivitis and weak gums. Cucumber keeps teeth and gums healthy. Those who have oily skin, strain the cucumber in boiled water and clean the skin. Cucumber can also be used to treat hangovers and related headaches. Cucumber is good for fetal growth, Vitamin B also improves the mother’s mood. Pouring cucumber juice drop by drop in the nose and sniffing it is useful for relieving congestion, boredom and lack of sleep.

Using Green Cucumber into Salad to Make It Tasty

Using Green Cucumber into Salad to Make It Tasty Summer salads are both delicious and nutritious due to the variety of foods and snacks such as fruits and vegetables. These salads are for the summer season and can be used as a snack. Shirazi salad is a very delicious combination of cucumber, tomato and onion, which will become a unique condiment along with lemon juice, and it can be prepared with almost all rice dishes.

Try to prepare this salad with pilaf meals, and serving this dish with vegetable crumbs is not without merit. In this salad, you can use some sautéed parsley or dried mint. It may be interesting to know that instead of using lemon juice, if you use sour lemon, you will see a more unique and hearty taste. Try to chop the necessary ingredients of Shirazi salad a lot to give a more desirable taste to this salad.

Cucumber can be used with or without skin in Shirazi salad. Depending on your taste, we chop the cucumber into small pieces after peeling it and pour it into a bowl. In the next step, we chop the tomatoes into small pieces. And add to the bowl. At the end, peel the onion and chop it finely and add it to other salad ingredients. At this stage, pour the dried mint on the ingredients. We can also saute some parsley and add it to the salad. Add parsley and dried mint to Shirazi salad as desired. Now we add the flavors. At this stage, we add the juice along with salt and black pepper to the ingredients and mix the ingredients well so that our Shirazi salad is smooth.

Why We Make Cucumber into Cucumber Pickles

Why We Make Cucumber into Cucumber Pickles Choosing the right pickle for pickles is one of the most important basic principles for making a delicious pickle light green cucumber Because pickles are one of the delicious condiments that make many simple foods an appetizing and special food. But the cucumber that is chosen for pickles must have characteristics that, on the one hand, your pickles are healthy and harmless, and on the other hand, you can keep it in its original good taste for a long time.

Many people think that pickling cucumbers is a way to make cucumbers last longer, and therefore damaged or stale cucumbers can be saved by making pickles. Pickles are generally different from desserts, jams, and other samples made for long-term storage of perishable fruits. Pickles are not cooked like the above, so you should choose perfectly healthy, green cucumbers with no spoilage or stains from the beginning for a suitable pickle. Cucumbers that are not healthy will give your pickles a bad taste and they will soon become moldy and your pickles will be unusable altogether.

It should be noted that the best pickles are products derived from small cucumbers Because small cucumbers are used as raw materials for pickles, they are one of the most popular products And in general, the finer the cucumber used in pickles, the crispier and tastier your pickles will be. That is why China China has divided its pickles into four categories: super special, special, premium and grade only based on the size of the cucumbers used, and the best ones have the smallest cucumbers.

If you can not find the small cucumbers to make a pickle, just make sure the selected cucumbers are easily placed in your bottle. Your pickles may not taste as good as industrial pickles and fine pickles, but you can make up for it by piercing the pickles.

Big Light Green Cucumber in Manufacturing Process

Big Light Green Cucumber in Manufacturing Process Large bright green cucumber that same cucumder for salad Due to its large size compared to small cucumbers for pickles was suitable for the production of salads with Now we will talk about the production process of this product.

  1. The first step in waiting to plant a cucumber is to wait for the soil to warm up to plant the cucumber. Cucumbers are very sensitive to cold temperatures, frost eliminates them.
  2. They choose a sunny place. Cucumber grows best when it receives enough light at all stages of its growth.
  3. Weed removal. Before planting cucumbers, weeds are removed from the garden. Because weeds take important and limited nutrients from the plant.
  4. Fertilize the soil. Before planting cucumbers, granular fertilizer is spread all over the soil. Granular fertilizer is an organic fertilizer produced from the decaying remains of livestock and poultry. This fertilizer has the characteristics of a complete organic fertilizer in terms of nutrients.
  5. Improving soil quality. If the soil is too hard or too sandy, the cucumber will die.
  6. Finally, they choose the right seeds and then plant them in the soil, and then moisten the soil with water so that the plant grows, and after the plant grows, it is time for it to flower, which you can use for your personal use pick different.

Hot Sale of Fresh Green Cucumbers

Hot Sale of Fresh Green Cucumbers Cucumber belongs to the squash family and can be seen in different types such as green, white, yellow and red cucumbers. Today, different types of cucumbers are produced and marketed. The most important types of cucumbers are: green cucumber, ordinary cucumber, Armenian cucumber, bitter melon or carla cucumber, Indian cucumber, lemon cucumber, African horned cucumber, Persian cucumber, spotted cucumber.

Cucumber is one of the most widely used summer vegetables in the world, which has a wide variety of varieties. Usually, part of the cucumbers produced are eaten fresh and the other part is used to prepare pickles and pickles. Many people use cucumber as a fruit at parties or snacks, so the demand for cucumber is very high and the cucumber market is always booming. At present, cucumbers are sold both in person and online, where dear customers can buy a variety of high quality products.

Buying cucumber for pickles from the main supplier will save you a lot of time and money. Intermediaries are one of the main reasons for the volatile price of cucumbers in the market. These people buy cucumbers from the main supplier and after adding additional costs, deliver the same product to the final buyer. This will eventually lead to an increase in the price of pickles in the market. Therefore, we suggest that you seek help from online platforms that allow direct communication between buyer and seller to know the purchase price of cucumber from the farmer. Keep in mind that the purchase price of cucumber from the farmer is much lower than the price of this product in the market due to the lack of additional costs.

Small Green Cucumber Suppliers

Small Green Cucumber Suppliers Green cucumber is one of the best examples of cucumbers available that has many fans. Organizers of organic green cucumber try to be able to deliver the best sample of these products to their customers at a reasonable price using common and effective methods.

The best sellers of green cucumber try to create simple and easy conditions for the customers of this product, to be able to satisfy the applicants of this product. Also, cucumber export has a very high capacity for export due to its high quality and reasonable price. Direct purchase is highly welcomed by applicants because it eliminates intermediaries and reduces costs, and customers of this product often prefer to receive this product directly from the major distributor of the product. Exporters and applicants, if they are looking to buy this product with excellent quality and cheap price, can request it directly from this site at any time of the day and night and receive it as soon as possible at their desired location.

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