The purchase price of Organic Tomato + advantages and disadvantages

The purchase price of Organic Tomato + advantages and disadvantages

Tomato has many benefits for the body and has nutrients value also using organic tomato has other uses, for example, could help to cure some diseases, skin care and make strands stronger
When you want to buy tomato, do not concern yourself classify it as a fruit or vegetable, it is worth paying the price since tomato is a source of vitamins and minerals
95 percent of tomato is water the remaining 5 percent is fiber and carbohydrate
Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin A, C and K and vitamin B complex and minerals like potassium, manganese, magnesium, copper, and phosphor
Also, this plant has protein and some organic components like lycopene which is crucial for our health
Tomato originated from central America but now it is widespread throughout the entire world since it could be cultivated in most climates
Still, Mexico is the top exporter in the world
According to the recent researches tomato is the most popular fruit in the world
You can add it to salad, strain as a juice or put it in your sandwich and you can consume it raw

10 Benefits of Tomato

Tomato for protecting the heart: consuming tomato is beneficial for your heart as it has choline, vitamin C and potassium
Maintaining higher level of potassium compare to sodium level is a key element in preventing heart diseases
Regular consumption could help to reduce the triglyceride and LDL cholesterol so we are immune toartery

Tomato for depression treatment: tomato’s folic acid is an element for removing stress rising factors

Tomato for supporting healthy vision: vitamin A is a strong anti oxidant that counters the free radicals that hurt our eyes
Vitamin A protects us against low vision and supports our vision

Tomato for skin care: vitamin C deficiency could lead to skin vulnerability facing sunlight and smoke
In this situation, your skin may get some wrinkles
Vitamin C would prevent developing this condition by producing collagen

Tomato for improving digestion: as tomato has fibers that promote the intestine’s movement, fibers would combat constipation and prevent intestine cancer too

Tomato is appropriate for diabetes: after using tomato the blood sugar of diabetes type 1 is lower and for diabetes type 2 it could help with insulin resistance

Tomato for lowering the high blood pressure: they have potassium which vasodilates and lowers the blood pressure
This vasodilatation causes heart to work more easily

Tomato helps to prevent gallstones: tomatoes have vitamins, minerals and protein, so placing them in your diet would prevent gallstones

Tomato for weight loss: it has low calory and if you consume low calory food the digestion process would be faster, so the body could not store fat

Tomato for helping strengthen bones: tomato has minerals like calcium and vitamin K which both of them have a crucial role in strengthening the bones

 The purchase price of Organic Tomato + advantages and disadvantages

Tomato Benefits and Side Effects

Besides having many benefits, you must be aware that too much eating tomatoes may cause some side effects
Some of the benefits of tomatoes are:

Immune system: as tomato has lycopene and carotene, it has a good function in improving your immune system
This fruit easily counters some infectious diseases like flu and cold

Benefits for hair: vitamin A, B, C and E in this fruit has a special effect on your hair
These vitamins stop hair loss

Tomato in pregnancy: complete consumption of folate before and during the pregnancy for protecting the fetus is essential
It is recommended for pregnant women to use folic acid supplement, while tomato is a great source of folate

Tomato for protecting us against free radicals: some of anti oxidants like flavonoids such as lycopene which is well known among health experts for countering the free radicals

And these are some of the side effects:

Reflux: tomatoes are acidic and may irritate your stomach
Tomatoes are rich in malic acid and citric acid and could stimulate the stomach for making more acid
When the amount of acid increased, it would elevate to the esophagus forcedly

Allergies and infections: some people are allergic to tomato, they may see hives, itchy skin, eczema, cough, sneeze, face swelling after eating tomato

The possibility of respiratory problems with tomato consumption: sensitive people may suffer from breathing
Excessive sodium: when you use ketchup be sure to use low sodium one since most ketchups have lots of sodium

Possibility of suffering diarrhea: it was observed in some cases

Tomato Nutrition Data

Raw or cooked tomato has 18 calory, when it is dried by sun light it has 258 calory
Nutrition specialists calculate nutrition facts in tomatoes
According to their analysis, in every 100 grams of raw tomato there are:

Carbo hydrate: 3
89 gr,
protein: 0
88 gr,
fat: 0
2 gr,
water: 94
5 gr,
fiber: 1
2 gr,
sugar: 2
63 gr
and zero cholesterol


Vitamin A: 42 mcg,
thiamine (B1): 0
04 mg,
riboflavin (B2): 0
02 mg,
niacin (B3): 0
59 mg,
choline (B4): 6
7 mg,
pantothenic acid (B5): 0
09 mg,
Vitamin B6: 0
08 mg,
folate (B9): 15 mcg,
Vitamin C: 13
7 mg,
Vitamin E: 0
54 mg,
Vitamin K: 7
9 mcg

 The purchase price of Organic Tomato + advantages and disadvantages


calcium: 10 mg,
iron: 0
27 mg,
magnesium: 11 mg,
phosphor: 24 mg,
potassium: 237 mg,
sodium: 5 mg,
zinc: 0
17 mg,
copper: 0
06 mg,
manganese: 0
11 mg

So as nutrition facts show us tomato is a nutritious product which is popular among the whole world and also it is profitable for traders
These days companies are in serious competition with each other to take control of tomato market and its exportation
Unfortunately, these competitions made the traders and companies use chemicals like nitrogen and phosphorus on tomato plants in order to have bigger fruits
These chemicals are threatening human health and are harmful to the environment and the earth
Our company uses just organic tomatoes for exporting which makes us different from other companies
Using refrigerated container helps us to export fresh products to the hand of our customers all around the world
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